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Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is not something you can do once and rest forever. The largest search engine Google in the world keeps updating its algorithm, as you will find the best results for the same keyword change after some time. Although this improves the experience of people searching, as a website owner one should continue to make changes to your SEO efforts. Let’s take a look at how to tackle Google’s SEO algorithm changes in 2020-

Find new keywords and put them naturally

As the year progresses, new trends suddenly appear, giving the whole world some new things and some new words. For website owners, this gives them some new keywords. One must remember that keywords are probably the most integral part of SEO, and finding new and useful keywords takes some good research and focus. Once you find them, use them in your website content as if they were naturally embedded in it. In simple words, don’t make it sound like you are crunching keywords into your website content.

Connect your website properly

Strong backlinks (where you link your website links to other websites) are still at the forefront of off-page SEO. This helps you to attract more viewers to your website and make your website rank better in Google. Try to relink your website on websites with stronger authority to make a better impact. Second, don’t keep a lot of outbound links because too many of them negatively affect your ranking. Also focus on keeping relevant links between websites in related articles. Try getting links from a site like:

– Yellow Pages: Google to find your business in a local business.

– TripAdvisor: A great site to get local customers for hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, etc.

Whats On Web: A great web guide to promote your website for free. Select your niche and submit your website.

Content and reading

Content is the main driving force behind attracting people to your website. This time, you must remember to make your content longer. The average word count for top searches on Google is around 1900, keep that in mind. But remember, don’t go for duplicate content just because you want to maintain your word limit. This does not bode well with Google apparently. Use Google Search Console to identify problems of this type. Adding multimedia to your content helps a lot according to research. Finally, remember to check the viability of your website. Install Toast SEO on your WordPress site. Comes with a read checker. Otherwise, use other verification tools available online.

Healthier website performance

There are many things that you can inculcate to improve the performance of your website. First of all check your website page loading speed. So, use PageSpeed ​​Insights to check the speed of your website. Second, if you install any plugins manually, always check for malware as this can reduce your website loading speed a lot. Third, it is also important to improve the visual content of your website. It is essential that you place it on your website so that every viewer of yours can see it. It also bodes well with Google.

This is how you can improve your SEO efforts for 2020, keeping it in line with the latest Google algorithm.


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