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Easy Search Engine Optimization - Create Your Own Backlinks

You may have heard, even in my other articles, that you will get better search engine optimization if you can get other websites linked to you. But the question I was asking was, “Why would anyone relate to me?”

But the trick is that you can do it yourself. Without disturbing any other website owners of backlinks.

(Let me go ahead and warn you now that this won’t work well for highly competitive search terms like “credit repair” or “weight loss”. But it should work well for somewhat specialized concepts like the example I was using, which is ” English Sheepdog training.”)

You will use Web 2.0 to your advantage. Many websites are now filled with user-generated content rather than things written by the site owner. This allows you to place your items on other domains (often, very large domains) and associate them with yourself.

Here where:

1. Twitter and Facebook This is an easy method, but not terribly powerful. Google indexes activity on Twitter, so if you “tweet” a link, Google will find it. Same with sharing a link or note on Facebook.

2. Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and other favorite/social networking sites Get a and account, preferably a network and meet people there too. If you use “Digg” and “Stumble” your own items, Google will find it and you will love it very much. I’ve seen Diggs on Google before my sites.

3. HubPages and Squidoo Both sites allow users to create quick, fool-proof, “mini-sites” around very specific topics. If you create a HubPages and Squidoo page about training English Sheepdogs and link it back to your site using “English Sheepdogs Training” as the link text, you’ve created a really relevant backlink.

4. Article sites Like EzineArticles, where I originally posted this! Free article sites are filled with articles like mine that people can 1) read and 2) publish on their sites or in their newsletters for free. As these articles scroll, your link (which appears in the source box, like the link below) will also appear on their site…a link to you.

I wish you improvement!


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