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Everything you need to know about updating the Google Basic Search Algorithm

Since the past few decades, Google has become more attentive and careful in showing users relevant search results. Several small and big updates have been rolled out every now and then to improve the efficiency of search results and provide users with accurate results of what they are looking for. One of the major updates known as Basic search algorithm update Released by Google on August 1, 2018.

This update appears to have affected both the local and organic rankings. It appears that Google has made changes to the local and organic algorithms.

According to some early notes by some SEO geeks, this update mainly affected:

(1) YMYL Sites – Your Money or Your Life Sites

(2) Websites in the medical, nutritional and nutritional fields claim facts without any research or update.

(iii) Too many large businesses with multiple locations across the country compared to smaller local businesses.

Since this update greatly affected websites from the medical field, it is also said that a file Medical Update.

The reason behind the drop in search results

One of the main reasons for the decline experienced by these sites is due to Eat low.

What is EAT?

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

This means that for any website to rank highly, it must contain content that can prove its expertise in a particular field. It must include original and valid content (not only promotional content) written by persons who are the authorities in the field. A website must be able to build visitor confidence through its content.

Taking into account EAT, some of the factors that seem to have influenced the YMYL sites are:

  • There is no detailed information about the work on the site
  • Too little or no external reputation for websites.
  • Promoting or defending things that are not considered legitimate.
  • Authors with no medical food and low external reputation.

Is your website a YMYL website and has been subjected to this update? Then, you can perform the following steps to restore your order:

1- Improve the credibility of your site

If your website doesn’t have an about us page, it must be time. Add the detailed information about your business, and list all the awards and certifications your business has in it. Try to tell visitors and Google why your business is an expert and trusted in the specific industry sector. This does not mean that Google can understand all this information. But it’s the least we can do to make Google realize that our website’s EAT is good.

2- Improving the author’s food intake

Every post on your website must include an author and have a detailed bio about them.

3- Improve your website’s reputation

You can do this by getting press coverage for your website and getting more real reviews of your business on Google. You can also improve the EAT of your authors by placing them on other trusted websites outside of your own website. All this can increase the external reputation of your site.

4.Improve your products eat

First, if you are selling any product, make sure that it is not harmful or unwanted. If so, this could be a reason for a noticeable drop in your ranking. Other than that, you can improve your product’s reputation by boosting reviews, getting detailed and correct information about it and all the other things that can make people think your product is good.

The Google Core Search algorithm is the greatest update that has been rolled out by Google in recent times. And to protect your website from it, providing “high quality content” is all you can do. You can also try to increase the page load time and enable the security of your website.


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