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Google Caffeine updates make websites index faster

Some SEO professionals have already noticed that the number of backlinks attributed to their websites has increased exponentially. Connectivity may coincide to update Caffeine and the amount of backlinks seen by website owners.

Google recently rewrote its systems to provide faster and more efficient indexing. The end results, a more up-to-date cache. As a website owner, you may have already noticed faster entries for new pages in the Google index. You may also notice a faster index for the completely new url. The Caffeine system is based on the desire for real-time search results. It divides the web into smaller sections, or hubs, through which an entire web of Internet content is communicated. The Google Caffeine system already exists and the index is changing rapidly. The change coincides with other recent changes including Google Places, a May-Day update, and Bing Real-Time search.

The popularity of search engines for news, blogging and video has grown. Without modifying the existing off-page ranking factors, Google will provide access to more data in real time. On-page operators to refresh Caffeine indicate targeted links to internal pages with original and targeted content. The website’s authority will determine how often Google crawls, indexes, and updates the site. CNN and other authority news sites are often considered because they publish original news stories, offer fresh content, and attract backlinks and traffic. Authority sites will be able to publish news and deliver this content to the Google index faster.


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