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Hiring a Magento Developer - Should I Choose an Indian Web Developer

In order to improve the online presence across the World Wide Web, a large part of the website retailers are assisting the open source e-commerce web application – Magento. For Magento integration, Magento template/template integration, extension development, Magento hosting, custom development modules, Payment Gateway integration, Magento back-end training etc., one needs to hire a Magento developer.

Outsourcing a web programmer is a critical decision. By hiring an Indian web developer, one will be able to efficiently improve the power of Magento. Want to hire a skilled Magento developer to integrate and customize Magento but are in a dilemma of where to hire? Think of an Indian web developer but why choose an Indian web programmer for PSD template/template integration into Magento. What are the various benefits of outsourcing a Magento developer from the Indian market? Below, several important reasons supporting why one should choose an Indian web developer:

Magento Developers at Relatively Cheaper Prices: In India, the labor cost is very cheaper, therefore, one can hire a Magento programmer or a team of Magento developers at a relatively low price. It is the biggest advantage of outsourcing a web developer from the Indian market.

Quality Output: One gets “A grade” quality, highly validated W3C cross-browser validation, SEO code, clean and table-free code without spending a lot of coins. In fact, hiring Indian web programmers is the most cost-effective way through which one gets pixel perfect work without any compromises in quality standards.

Recruitment Period: The best part of hiring web programmers from the Indian market is the flexible packages for hiring developers. Most of India based web development companies outsource to talented programmers full time, part time and hourly which is a cost saving procedure.

Mentioned above are the main factors for which choosing an Indian web developer for Magento integration or customization is a good decision. What is noteworthy is that all of the above reasons are discussed by keeping in mind the budget constraints. Finally, it is the choice of the customer who wants to go further with it.


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