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How to Get Targeted Website Traffic Using Google AdWords

The goal of every internet marketer is, of course, to make a profit. The most common methods of anyone online making a profit is usually through selling something, either information, or a literal product. Profit will normally happen if traffic (people visiting the website) can be directed to it. However, any kind will not do, but it must be targeted website traffic. This simply means it must be of the right kind.

While there are a lot of promises out there about how you should go about getting that traffic, one of the most common, and simple methods is to use Google AdWords. Google is the biggest search engine today.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 83 or more percent of all people use it to do their searches. And strangely, enough, if you are not using Google AdWords, then you probably will not show up in the first 3 or 4 pages of the results. Now, if it were me doing the advertising, which would not make me very happy – because nobody will ever even know my website ever, existed, with those kind of results! Profit just became a dream!

Here are five ways to begin to get that desired targeted website traffic.

Learn About Keywords

If you are a beginner internet marketer, as we all once were at onetime, you need to know about keywords and how to find the right ones for your product, or niche market. Spend some time online learning how they work, and how to write them into your articles or ads that you put into your website. Also, learn the many things about keyword placement that will cause spiders to reject your webpage – that’s no fun either.

Set Up Your Website

This will take a little work – if you do it properly. Many marketers only use pre-made websites that look professional and advertise a particular product. This is great, and works, but you usually cannot alter any information on it. If you make your own page, however, be sure to make it professional looking. Your potential customers won’t be sticking around long if your “store” looks shabby.

Get An Account With Google AdWords

In order to begin to increase website traffic, you need to get an account with Google AdWords. You can have multiple diversity of ads running with Google AdWords. But remember, it is worth it, because now you’re getting the most popular. It will take Google a little time to search out your website and give you an approval to initiate your campaign. But once they do, you want your ads ready to go.

Set Up Your Ads, And Watch Them

Signing up will allow you to put up multiple ad groups. After you get that account, you want to carefully write those ads. Again, take a little time to do your research here, too. It will be worth it. This is what people will see when they do their search on Google. To get an idea about what words to use, do a few searches yourself, and note the wording of the ads that are in the top positions. See what grabs your attention, and makes you want to go to that website.

Along with writing your ads, you will also choose an amount indicating either: how many cents per click you are will to spend; or, a total dollar amount per day, or month. This will determine you budget. Be very careful here – it can run up a bill real quick. Avoid using keywords that brings everybody to your website. Remember that you only want targeted website traffic – a particular crowd who is looking for the very thing you are selling. Some marketers suggest that if you have good keywords, you may not need to go much above 15 cents per click.

Watch Your Ads Results, And Make Changes As Indicated

Finally, watch your ads results to see which one is attracting the most attention. Stay with that idea, and rewrite your other ads in a similar way and change them a few times more, to get the best ad possible. When you have a good ad, and a good page rank with Google, then you will definitely increase website traffic in a way that you want.


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