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Hosting is one of those products where you have thousands of options, and you never know which to choose. I struck it lucky though when I found iPage and I’ve stuck with it ever since because it’s simply the best value around. iPage offers a variety of web hosting that allows you to create your own website with ease, and customize it as much as you’d like, and their support is tough to beat. Price: $3.50

When I started my first website for my new business, I was nearly new to the web, and iPage’s easy site builder served me amicably in getting my site to look good quickly. Fifteen years later, I’ve advanced, and iPage has scaled nicely with me, which is impressive for such a cheap web host.

They have the best hosting support I’ve tried (I use three different hosts for different things, but iPage takes the cake), and their hosting is often more reliable than my other main host, Godaddy. I don’t take spending money lightly, but thankfully iPage offers a money-back guarantee (which I have never had to use) so I never even hesitated in trying them. iPage’s support, reliability, and ease-of-use make them one of the best web hosts out there for small businesses, and I’ve never looked back since I started hosting with them.

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Reliably Fast Hosting:

iPage has been more reliable for me than GoDaddy, and my sites are consistently decently fast, which is more than you get from many web hosts.

Simple Pricing Structure:

The pricing structure for iPage couldn’t be easier to manage. One price. There’s no deciding between three different hosting plans that all seem similar, because iPage has simplified it, and what they’re offering is a pretty good deal too.

Great Support:

iPage support technicians are from the good old USA (or at least this continent) and they’re friendly 24/7. They probably have the best support for their price out of any web host around, and that simplified product line means that every agent only has to support one product, and they know it inside and out.

Money Back Guarantee:

It’s a small gesture offering a 100% Money back Guarantee, but it’s a nice security net, and I like having it just in case.


Limited Options For Scalability Beyond A Certain Point:

iPage sticks to what they’re good at- basic web hosting. If your website grows large enough that you’d like a virtual private server, or dedicated server (a very large site- but it happens) you’ll have to move elsewhere because iPage only offers one form of web hosting. It’s cheap web hosting because they keep their product line simple and easy to manage. If your website is very large, this may be a concern down the line.

In several years, my website has only been down twice, compared to an average of twice a year on GoDaddy, and both issues were resolved quickly. Whenever I have a tech question, the support team is there, and I have yet to run into anything less than unlimited on storage and bandwidth. There’s a limit somewhere, but I haven’t hit it. Their sitebuilder is excellent for beginners, but they still offer WordPress and other apps just like any larger web host. It’s not the best hosting money can buy, but for the price, or even if they raised the price, it would be a great value, and I’m very happy with iPage Hosting.


There are many good hosting companies, but there are also plenty of bad ones, and if you want a reliably good host without the hassle of plans, and upgrading, and constant nickel-and-diming, go with iPage. Remember that with hosting you get what you pay for, and you can’t expect incredible hosting for $3.50 a month, but iPage offers a lot more than most hosts for that price. They offer a value I’ve been very happy with, and their one and only plan is perfect for small businesses.


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