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On-page and off-page search engine optimization methods

Search engine optimization has become a part of online marketing campaigns. Every company aspires to make its website at the top of search engine results. But in the competitive market, only those with the best search engine optimization (SEO) services get themselves among the top ranking sites for the most used keywords.

The search engine acts as a single stop to select all kinds of websites based on the keywords that the user is searching mostly. To get maximum exposure online, it is absolutely essential to improve the search ranking of a web page. On-page optimization and off-page optimization are two subcategories of SEO that have already hit the bull’s-eye.

Page optimization includes those changes made in web page markup that lead to better search engine ranking.

The different steps that are performed in page optimization are:

a. Keywords and description insertion in meta tags

B. Submit the title in the title tag which is part of the header part of the HTML markup

c. Create a sitemap

Dr.. Robots.txt file setup

e. Insert text with relevant keywords in the text section of the web page

All of the above in page steps optimize the web page for better indexing by search engine bots.

Besides page optimization, off-page optimization also plays an important role in determining the fate of a web page in the struggle for a good web page ranking.

The following templates for writing SEO are the vehicle for successful off-page optimization:

Submit an article

Article is submitted in various related directories on priority basis every day to boost search engine ranking of web page by every website owner. Well-text related articles are searched by most of the online users. These articles are usually written and submitted in popular directories. Articles contain not only text, but also a link to the specific site that the article writer wants to advertise. Therefore, writing an SEO article needs time because it is done according to the keywords that are most used by the user community.

blog writing

Blog writing is the latest concept to drive the user community to any particular website by providing regular and high quality blog posts. Users are forced to return to the blog if it provides them with information that is logical and relevant to a particular topic. Blogs on various topics prove to be effective in bringing relevant web traffic to a website. Thus it is an influential subsection of SEO writing.

When users read a blog post, they get a fair chance to comment or inquire about a product or service that the blog is discussing about. Blog writing technique involves active participation from the user community to increase web page traffic, which leads to better search engine ranking.

In conclusion, article and blog writing has been combined among other types of SEO writing to deliver real web traffic, which leads to successful SEO campaigns.


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