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Professional SEO and link building after Google Penguin update

Google frequently changes its search algorithm and penalizes duplicate content, reduces spam and removes weak link building techniques with irrelevant links, all to provide your website with a better ranking in Google searches.

If you don’t keep up with the latest Google SEO news and updates like “Penguin”, you may lose your website’s website in search engines like Google. The idea behind creating the Google Penguin algorithm is to reward sites with unique content. For optimum performance that does not depend on spam locating sites and technologies, Professional SEO Services To build SEO links that don’t contain gimmicks and spam SEO methods are constantly used to comply with and follow Google’s rules.

SEO techniques for building links after updating Penguin’s algorithms, and continuing to maintain a positive impact on website positioning in searches are part of the old Google SEO rules:

Submit an articleSubmitting an article is a good way to market and create backlinks to your website. Submitting an article is now an increasingly rare way to support a link as Google has found many article directories and has identified them as spam. We still have some good article directories where you can publish your written articles, and one such good article guide is exactly where you read my article. However, the same rule applies as before, write good articles, and create a good and unique article.

Back links from forum profilesForums are great places where you can set links. In most forums, we have a text field, which is a field under your profile and the online signature of the current profile. This is a good place where you can write a short text and set the backlink pointing to your website.

Comments on blogs– You can leave comments on blogs and give your personal opinion. As a result, some blog visitors can learn more about “Search Engine Optimization ServicesIn addition to the attitudes and opinions that can be placed on blogs, you can assign links to your website that direct blog visitors to your website. You must find blogs that have topics suitable for your topic and you need to check those blogs have follow links or not follow up.

You need to find the blogs that have followed the links to achieve the right effect with Google.

How do you know if it follows or not?

If you know the HTML code, it will not be difficult to find it, just select the comment with a link and you can see the source, everything will appear. If you don’t know the HTML code, you need to use some SEO tools to show that the backlink doesn’t follow. You need to pay attention to the parameters of your comments. Before you post a comment, you should make sure that your comment has the same topic as the article, so take some time to read the article and understand the content. Avoid short comments like this “This is a nice article” because the moderator will not allow such comments to be posted.

If you don’t follow Google updates and your website gets a new Penguin update, you should keep an eye on backlinks and find some link building techniques that are now being penalized by Google.

What should be avoided?

dangerous sites– Dangerous websites that have a lot of ads in their content, these websites are already penalized or sanctioned by Google. Dangerous sites that promote spam, violence or pornography are not good for setting up links. Google checks which site it directs users to.

Paid back linksAll backlinks that you pay for advertising on other websites, to promote your website and target specific keywords, must be removed. Google believes that every stream of paid ads is bad for organic search.

Spam blog comments– Low Page Rank Blog Comments without filters to delete spam comments will not help your website better position in Google searches. The new Google Penguin update punishes blogs that do not have good content and contain a lot of anchor text. Every blog, every website that doesn’t filter comments is some kind of spam, so if you set a link, your website might look like spam.

You need to find and get organic backlinks. If you do not know how to get organic backlinks and you are not sure how not to be penalized by Google, it is better to find professional SEO services to take care of your SEO. Your website should have good and unique content, good content will help in better positioning in Google searches for all pages on your website.


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