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Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web development in 2021

PHP is the most popular and widely used web development programming language that supports a wide range of frameworks such as Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and more. Among all of that, Laravel turns out to be a better choice than the rest of the frameworks because of its features and many other reasons it offers to web developers and businesses. Laravel also comes with a set of tools that make web development more efficient and smooth. Laravel also simplifies the web development process with features such as code reusability and a clean coding architecture.

Well, if you want to learn about Laravel, keep reading.
Laravel was introduced by Taylor Otwell and designed for better and efficient web application development. It follows the MVC structure and is based on PHP. It is open source in nature which also makes it a preferred choice for web developers today. It comes with a wide range of advanced features that also help in creating modern websites and web applications. The framework ensures rapid web development and you can save a lot of time with it. Moreover, it provides high security for applications and websites and protects them from all external attacks and threats.

Now let’s get to know the main reasons why Laravel is the best choice for web development in 2021.

Offers improved performance:
Laravel comes with and supports countless web development tools that help developers boost their web performance. Tools like Memcached and Redis have to be integrated and built into the framework while building web applications and this again makes things easier for programmers to improve performance.

Open source nature and strong community support:
Another benefit of using this PHP framework is that it is open source in nature and has the support of a strong community of expert developers and development companies that constantly provide support to developers and help solve various complexities during the development process. Also, the open source nature of the framework makes the icons easy to access and makes the framework more flexible to use according to project requirements.

Provides easy unit testing:
One of the most notable reasons to choose this PHP framework is if it provides a simple unit test. This is a type of testing procedure where all components or modules of a web application can be easily tested and verified and no part of the project is left untested. Unit testing ensures that there are no errors in any part of the web application. This simply means that you can be sure to have a completely bug-free web application with this PHP based framework.

Ease of developing multilingual web applications:
For businesses or companies that aim to expand their reach across different countries using different languages, this framework is the perfect choice for them. Web applications can be easily and quickly created for different countries and different languages ​​using Laravel.

Object Oriented Libraries:
One of the most important reasons to choose Laravel is that the framework contains object-oriented libraries and a set of pre-installed libraries that are not found in any of the other PHP frameworks available. One of these libraries is the Authentication Library. This library offers many features such as Bcrypt hashing, cross-site fraud protection, active user verification, password reset, encryption, and more.

Easier licensing technique:
The framework facilitates the implementation of authentication practices. Also, the framework provides an easy way to establish logical access control and delegation to resources.

MVC support:
Another major reason to choose this framework is that it supports and follows the Model View Controller model or the MVC architecture. And MVC helps keep the code well organized, making it easier for all team members to work together.

Laravel comes with a built-in tool called Artisan. The developer can generally link to the framework using a command line, which manages and shapes the project’s ecosystem. Artisan also allows developers to easily perform most time-consuming programming tasks, freeing them from having to deal with it manually.

Database migration:
The framework makes data migration much easier and faster. With Laravel, you can also sync all the changes made in the database easily and without errors.

Provides enhanced security:
Laravel ensures high security for web applications and uses a salted and hashed password, which clearly means that the password will not be saved as plain text in the database. In fact, what it does is that it follows the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to produce an encrypted form of the password. The framework also provides path protection, allows manual user registration, authentication drivers, password reminders, password resets, encryption, and more to ensure higher security.

Blade Mold Engine:
Laravel also comes with a lightweight blade template engine that helps developers develop innovative and dynamic layouts for web applications. It is one of the most unique features of this PHP framework.

So, these were the main reasons why it is best to use Laravel development for web application development. With all its features and benefits, the framework stands out as the best among all PHP frameworks in 2021.


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