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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy - Navigating the Dark Waters of Website Promotion

Creating a well-designed website is the first step in your online marketing strategy
which must be supported by technologies designed to direct traffic to the website in order to
Long term successful results. You wouldn’t think of opening a retail store in A
Big shopping mall without signage and you shouldn’t think to have a nice place
Looking for a website designed without expanding your web presence in order to be
Found on the Internet. The following strategy overview is designed to achieve
These results:

  • An attractive website that complements your company image and provides your target audience with information about you, your company, and your products and/or services
  • A website that generates a call to action in the form of a purchase, call, subscription, or other commitment from the viewer
  • Create a successful marketing arm for your overall commercial marketing and promotional campaign to promote your business, products and/or services
  • Be competitive in your industry and market by meeting or exceeding industry marketing standards and attracting a qualified audience for your products and/or services online.
  • Create, maintain or increase internet traffic to your website that converts traffic into sales of your products and/or services

A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy consists of several processes in
Three stages.

level one

Website design is the foundation and beginning of successful online marketing
strategy. It is true that many websites on the Internet are unattractive
But it seems to be working. If there are aspects of these sites that work, just imagine how successful they are
They can do this if they simply follow basic design implementation tactics
It resulted in a good picture as well as sending information to the viewer.
These basics are essential to Level 1 success:

  • Good web design that complements your company image and products for offline marketing campaigns
  • Easy and logical navigation that leads the viewer deeper and deeper into the web of information provided by the website
  • Attractive, fast loading graphics that are pleasing to the eye and are meaningful for the website.
    • Use search engine friendly keywords:
    • Exploit
    • placement
    • Repetition
    • Relevance
  • Lean, clean, and bug-free coding
  • The relevance of the content to the topic of the site
  • Change content that changes frequently
  • Content is king – it’s all about content, content and content

Second Level

Once a website is created and published, many new website owners think
That the project is over. But in fact, the real work has only just begun. for the purpose of
Creating a Website To make money, you must generate traffic and direct it to the website.
There are many effective methods that can be implemented in level II for this purpose
to speak. While not all methods may be required to see successful traffic generation,
A combination of most, if not all, traffic will likely be required.
Maintain traffic and, finally, increase traffic to our website with long-term results.
Consider implementing these strategies:

  • Dynamic content is essential and by updating your website frequently search engines see your website as active rather than stagnant. How often should changes be made? At least monthly. But the more changes, the better. There are some tried and true methods you might want to use:
    • Monthly (or weekly) newsletter
    • Tip of the day spin on the page using a script from a database on your site
    • RSS feed for general news feeds updated hourly or at least daily
    • Changes in contact information, employment, clients, etc.
    • Check links frequently to make sure they are active and valid
    • Minor content modification shall be made from time to time between periodic maintenance tasks that will update the website
  • Good link management leads to positive weight given by search engines
    GPS in search. Algorithms used to weight one page over another
    Require link popularity assessment for successful traffic to your website. end to end
    Popularity is also a major contributor to Google and Alexa Page Rank.
    How do you check link popularity? It can be boring and requires careful attention
    To choose links, but there are several means that can be used:
    • Reciprocal links – find relevant and desired web pages from which links can be exchanged
    • Buy links based on PageRank to boost your relevance and weight in the eyes of search engines
    • A list of directories, paid or unpaid, will give your website extra exposure
    • Create links with link text in mind, designed to use relevant keywords
    • Link only to sites that have a decent PageRank (PR) system; For example, PR of 3 minimum, PR of 4 would be ideal minimum
    • Blogs – web logs associated with your site or posting to popular blogs with your own links included to drive traffic to your site; A good strategy is to ping your blog post
  • Forums – Forum participation that allows you to leave your link with intention
    To drive traffic back to your site
  • It is necessary to include a few free search engines and directories
    You won’t see any results for months
  • Develop the email list subscription functionality on your site with the intention
    Send e-newsletters and advertisements on a regular basis. This subscription list
    It can be used for several other campaigns, including selling advertising space on
    Your newsletter.
  • Buy sponsorships in other email lists where you can promote your product
    and/or services in addition to promoting your website in the process.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with Google and Yahoo Search Marketing where
    You buy ad space for popular keywords in your industry if
    You are not in a saturated market. If your business operates in a saturated Internet
    Market, search niche keywords for pay-per-click ads. Determine your budget first
    And from there, you will know how much you can afford for your positioning
    desire. It’s all sporty:

    • CPC = Monthly Budget / Number of Clicks or
    • Number of Clicks = Monthly Budget / Price per Click

    A combination of price and clicks will result in good design
    Constant monitoring of the campaign. The important result to watch is conversion
    modified. How many paid clicks are converted to the desired result; For example, new contract, sale
    Producer, sign up for our e-newsletter, etc.

The third level

Finally, after relentless efforts that are directly related to the generation of traffic to
your website, you want to generate additional traffic to follow that is within a domain
control. There are several approaches to this strategy:

  • Taking a large list of auxiliary keywords that are directly or indirectly related to your website, start buying domain names related to the keywords that will be used to create websites that drive traffic pointing to your money site.
  • Set up satellite pages with crowded, keyword-oriented domain names designed to develop niche market traffic. As you develop niche markets that create new customers, you will be able to leverage these customers for other products and/or services your company offers by focusing on information sites that link to your financial site while informing and attracting these new customers.
  • Create links, backlinks and crosslinks between satellite pages and your money site, which improves your link popularity for all websites, especially your money site.
  • Show articles or e-books related to your industry and place these articles on your websites knowing the best place based on keyword dominance.
  • For long-term viral marketing results, create articles or e-books that you either sell on your own website or display on public domain sites where your link information should be kept for use by anyone else on the Internet.


In order to determine if your SEO efforts are successful, you must monitor the results
Backlinks, PR, and web trend statistics. There are many sources to generate this
The data as well as the software that will assist in these analyses. Whatever method
Choose, whether to use specific software or set up a spreadsheet for input
From the data, be consistent in tracking the data. There will be fluctuations from day to day-
day. You are looking for general and all-encompassing uptrends. An upward progression ensued
By maintaining a strong posture with slow and steady growth indicating a
Successful SEO campaign.


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