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The Importance of Web Hosting Reviews Site and Which Ones to Trust

There is an explosive growth in the number of websites and also the number of web hosting service providers. Competition is fierce as prices of hosting go down and service providers depend on numbers to provide profit for them. If one is seeking to launch a website, how does he distinguish the grain from the chaff? Web hosting service providers all advertise their service in glowing terms and often lure customers into cheap hosting and then jack up profits through add-ons.

The best way is to go with the top players in the market, preferably from the top 10 web hosting service providers. Or, one could select green webhost companies – at least you are doing your bit for the environment. But here again, make an informed decision. What is important is the quality of service – the speed at which your site can be accessed, the uptime, the bandwidth and the customer service that is offered for a given price.

Personal referrals are a good way to select a reliable webhosting service provider. Another way is to get onto the Net and search for web hosting reviews site. Here again one has to be cautious. There are web hosting site reviewing sites, which simply charge hosting service providers for the reviews they provide on their site and this type of site is highly suspect and unreliable. Then there are web hosting reviews sites, which do not charge the hosting providers directly but solicit ads and sponsorships that in turn can influence the reviews.

When you land upon a review site be wary of the promotional tone; if any reviewer is excessively promoting a specific web hosting service providers, be careful. Some reviewers, however, rate webhost company on all parameters and one can actually have tabulated results of the services versus the cost from some such review sites. Check multiple sites, talk to friends who may be in the know before forming an opinion and placing your money on any service.

True and reliable web-page hosting service organisation reviewing sites can be known by the objective approach to reviews. Some have point-based rating systems with each feature and service carrying its points and such ratings can be trusted since nothing extraneous will be mentioned beyond the ratings. There will be minimal or no ads on such sites from these website hosting service providers. If at all they are sponsored, names of sponsors are clearly mentioned and there is a candor and transparency about this.

Even the search results for the top 10 webpage hosting service providers may be suspect since such companies may be paying search engines for listing them at the top of search results. The review sites you can trust are those where real world people have put down their experiences with website hosting service providers frankly and without qualms. It is not only the users who express their views and experiences, it is also the web designers whose views appear here that add to credibility of such review sites which can be seen as reliable sources you can trust.


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