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Why choose custom website development over form design?

For most small businesses, price is one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to the type of web development business that business owners choose to invest in. Since the costs of developing a custom coded website can range widely – from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands – companies often shy away from custom developers, opting instead for typical websites built on website platforms such as iBuilt or WordPress. Websites developed from templates may average lower costs than custom-built sites, but what you gain in terms of price is often lacking in capabilities and flexibility.

Custom websites offer a more unique design.

Template websites force developers to work within a predetermined layout and design features. Aside from being able to change the background color and possibly the text, website templates provide a little space for developers to customize website appearance, content placement, and navigation. On the other hand, websites built specifically from code offer an unlimited range of design capabilities, and they can be customized to any theme.

Think of the difference between communicating a business logo and contact information in a business card template, and having a business card designed just for that business. Like business cards, websites are a key visual representation of a company’s brand, and website templates tend to look just like that – templates. While there are many different website templates available, many of them tend to offer the same design features and functionality, and web-savvy users can easily discover a website template. Corporate websites allow you to avoid the “cookie cutter” look with a unique design.

Dedicated encrypted websites offer even more powerful possibilities.

While template websites are limited to the navigation, structure, and implementations of the UI elements shown in the template, the functionality of custom developed websites is only limited by the developer’s imagination and skill. The truth is that most businesses simply don’t need a website; They need a website with dedicated applications capable of managing, analyzing and displaying data and/or content. For business owners at scale, template websites will never offer the functionality needed to run the kind of tailored applications that will help their websites — and businesses — run more efficiently. Website templates are only as flexible as the simple tools that come with them.

Custom websites can offer more value for the same cost as form designs.

While custom developed websites may, in general, have higher average costs than designing typical websites, not all custom websites cost more than template websites. Many WordPress designers who work from pre-purchased web themes charge the same amount – if not more – than competitively priced independent web developers. The truth is that website developers – whether they are dedicated programmers or template designers – vary widely in how they price their services. If price is an important factor for your website, it is best to shop around to see which developer offers the best price and quality. You might be surprised to find that custom web developers offer just as much – if not more – as their template design counterparts, often for the same price or less.


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