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Why do you have a website for your company

After you have decided to start a business, the next thing that comes to your mind is how to market your product/service? How do you create a brand? How do you recruit people? How and where is the advertisement? etc… Next is the creation of departments such as Marketing, Operations, Advertising, Branding, and Human Resources. You need some way to represent each section…

For example, HR needs a way to represent the company to hire talent, the marketing team needs some way to represent products/services, and the branding team needs a way to represent the company in general… As a startup, you can’t make huge investments to represent your company through Submit advertisements in newspapers, through billboards, through billboards, or any other means…

One of the cheap and effective ways to represent your business is through a website… Let me tell you about the advantages of having a website

• It is cheap

• Your company goes global if you have a website

• Most cheap online ads

• Saves time

Likewise, there are many other advantages… Well let me take you in detail about the above points… To create a website you need a domain name and hosting space (you can Google to find a cheap domain registrar and host), then the next thing is the content (there are Also many freelance content writers) or you can do it yourself if you are good at it…then you need a good web design ([] sell ready-to-use corporate designs)…with all of these things, you can launch a website for as little as $50 – $100…

If you launch a newsletter that represents your company, its reach will only be local, by having a company website, you are going global and your reach goes beyond regions…

Unlike paper news ads, billboard advertising and online TV advertising are cheap and worth it because

• In online advertising, you can advertise to your target audience

• Online advertising is global

Usually these are the steps that go into marketing

The first step: scheduling appointments

Step 2: Give an introduction about the company

Step 3: Provide a brief description of the product/service

Step 4: Show a demo

Step Five: Complete the deal

Having a website we don’t need to make appointments, give a brief about the company and the product/service, your website will do the talking for you…so you can omit steps 1, 2 and 3…the same can apply to HR and advertising Also… it saves time…

Also, you are obligated to get inquiries from search engines, online directories, etc… so that you have possibilities to get new opportunities without any effort.

I would like to make a point that having a website does not mean that you are done with everything, it is just a supportive way to represent your company and can help simplify many processes… So, it is recommended to use it as a support for your business and to follow your traditional way of working as well…

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